Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day with Photographer, Memo Vásquez

Since the Beginnings of Latinos Who Photograph…

Memo Vásquez (@el_memo) has been one of the many who created an impact in our community of photographers. He brought to us his beautiful images of indigenous communities to our rooms, making us remember what our true origins are and how these communities represent us more so than any other. Being hispanics and celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ day in the Month of Hispanic Culture, there was no other better option than to bring to the stage the work of our friend, Memo. 


What does Indigenous Peoples’ Day Mean for Us?

Even though this same day we have been celebrating Columbus Day, recently the atrocities of the conquerors to the indigenous peoples’ communities has been brought more into our awareness. Thanks to these conquerers, we have life as we know it today, including all the hispanic cultures of Latin America. However, without these indigenous communities, the cultural aspects of our lives and how Latin American countries identify themselves as wouldn’t be the same. All our roots as hispanics and Latin Americans are because of the influences of our indigenous ancestors that where planted in our history and our way of being. A lot of these communities still exist today, trying to maintain their culture, their lands, and their ways of life intact. Sadly, many of these communities are forgotten and human and societal greed try to impose laws over them. 

What better than to use photography to bring consciousness about a topic?

The photo-journalistic style from Memo’s work looks like something straight out of a National Geographic issue. His work is a clear distinction of his passion to tell a story with his images. These stories take us to these indigenous communities that represent us as latinos, one could argue they represent us more than any other of our origins. 


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About Memo and Passion for Photography

Degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Sonora (Hermosillo, Mexico). Institutional communication specialist. Lecturer on human development issues. Creative Director of S5 Consultores. Photographer. Traveler. Pilgrim of the Camino de Santiago. Member of MAKI. I.A.P., an institution to support indigenous groups.

“Even though I take pictures ever since I can remember and took several courses in the university, I always say that photography came to me to save my life. In a very climatic point of my professional development, there was a burst of this craft’s magic and my passion for imagery that came to transform the way I interpret my conception of the world.
Ten years ago, I decided to share my photographic proposal through individual and group exhibitions as well as social media. More so than a photographer, I consider myself as a story teller through my images. In that trayectory, many invaluable gifts have come to me, like having my photos ina novel by Gabriel García Márquez (Leaf Storm, Ed. Penguin 2008) or being the photographer of “O Guia do Viajante do Caminho de Santiago – Uma Vida em 30 dias” (Editorial Evora, 2013).
The thing I has worked the most as a niche in photography is portraits, particularly of indigenous communities. My objective is to colaborate in the search for making these group’s human traditions, customs, and cultural elements of grand value, particularly those of northern Mexico (Yaquis, Mayos, Guarijíos, Pimas, Comca´ac).
However, my creative theme is very generalized and constantly presents me with challenges in which I always consider myself a learner.

What is Photography to You?

“To me, photography is a superb craft… artistically superb, because we cut out a fragment of reality, we transform it into a document and we show that moment as if it was our own.
When you have a camera on your hands, there is something that moves you to look for those instances. From the most tranquile roads, the simplest faces, the light that plays to hide… there is always something that calls you to your eye.
I would describe myself as someone who looks to reflect and be reflected. I want to be seen through the things I see. Again, this superb aspect about what photography is, sprouts. When I take a photo and I present it, I give a piece of my thought, my interpretation of the world and about its contents.
It reveals to me and reveals me. Photography came to save me, to learn to write a story with light and seconds. Photography came to teach me to fly, to release to the wind the instances that become little fragments of eternities unannounced.”


“Sonora Querida”


“Viajes y Miradas”

“Retratos de Familias Pimas”

“Homenaje a la Mujer Pima”

“Muestra tu México”

“Año Nuevo Comca´ac”

“Miradas del Origen: Mujeres indígenas de Sonora”



“Rostros de México”


“Mágico Perú”

“Semana Santa Mayo en El Júpare”

“Ángel Extraviado”

Come celebrate with us!:

Monday, October 11, 7:00pm EST – Indigenous Day with Memo Vásquez

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day with Memo Vásquez @el_memov

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