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Photographers spend a lot of time and effort making sure their photos are perfect. After
all, these images are the final representation of their subject and work. If a photo is
slightly out of focus or has some distracting elements, it might be unusable. So, it’s
critical to have an effective and accurate culling software. This is why Latinos Who
Photograph partner with Aftershoot AI, the latest and greatest culling AI software. With
this software you can quickly eliminate undesirable photos and get to work on the great
ones right away.

What is Aftershoot AI Photo Culling?

Photo culling is the process of reviewing your photos after a photo shoot and eliminating
those that don’t meet your quality standards. This can involve many different kinds of
photo editing, like red eye reduction, brightness and color correction, cropping, or
straight up deletion. Aftershoot AI photo culling is a software that automatically tags
pictures for you based on their content. If a picture is blurry, out of focus, or has a
distracting element, the software will flag it for deletion so you don’t have to go through
each picture one by one. Aftershoot is a huge time saver that lets you get to work on the
rest of your photos instead of spending hours trying to fix every single photo.

How does Aftershoot AI work?

Aftershoot is based on artificial intelligence technology. This means the software gets
smarter over time as it analyzes your photo library and learns which photos are good
and which are bad. The program will initially start off with a low level of accuracy, but as
it goes through your entire photo library, it will get better and better. The more you use
Aftershoot AI, the better it will get. The program works by analyzing a photo’s subject,
framing, composition, and color palette. If a photo fails one or more of these criteria,
Aftershoot will mark it as Unrated, meaning it has yet to be rated. Next, you’ll need to
rate the photo using the tagging guide.

Why is photo culling necessary?

There are a few reasons why you might want to photo cull your photos. The first is that
you might have fewer pictures than you need for your client’s project. If you have photos
that are out of focus or have poor framing, you may need to delete some of them so you
have enough photos to represent your subject matter. The second reason you might
want to cull photos is that they don’t meet your quality standards. If a photo is slightly
out of focus or doesn’t have the correct framing, you may want to delete it so your
portfolio looks its best.

Aftershoot Photo Tagging Guide

After you’ve taken a photo, you can use the AI photo tagging guide to rate it. This will
tell the software whether the photo is good or bad. The tagging guide has three
attributes: subject, framing, and composition. Here’s how you can rate each attribute.

How to Choose the Best Photos with Aftershoot Photo Culling

Aftershoot gives you the power to choose the best of your photos in a matter of
seconds. When you tap the “Start Culling” button on the main screen, it will
automatically start analyzing your images. When it’s done, you’ll see a list of all your
photos in the order of their quality. Simply scroll through the photos and tap the ones
you want to keep, and the rest will be automatically deleted. Depending on the size of
your library, this could take a few minutes or even hours.


There are many benefits to using Aftershoot AI photo culling. You’ll have fewer photos
to go through, which will save you time. You’ll also have higher quality photos since the
app is analyzing your images for flaws. With Aftershoot, you can create better content in
less time. You won’t have to spend hours editing hundreds of photos, and your clients
will receive better results. Don’t forget to use LWP10 to receive a discount code.

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