Maternity Latina Photographers You Must Follow

There are amazing female photographers in this community. A lot of the photographers are not only artists, but also good entrepreneurs. The most multifaceted business owners and outstanding artists are maternity photographers. Here is a list of amazing people that you must follow who include into their business maternity shoots.

Credit: Maydeline Inés Photography –

Maydeline (@maydelineinesphotography) 🇵🇷

San Juan, PR

Maydeline produces outstanding studio work. She has a way of telling stories with her art, which is a gift that she, as a photographer, has. Her studio, based in Puerto Rico is a success to be admired. Filled with clients everyday, she still takes time to engage with her audience and provide her thoughts on her daily matters that helps her engage more personally with her community and clients. Give Maydeline a follow for more amazing work and knowledge!

June (@junesphotostudio) 🇩🇴

Long Island, NY

June is an extremely creative individual. She produces outstanding work and has a great eye in her use of light. She keeps her lighting setups more simplistic to create a very pintoresque feel to her images. She is also producing comic reels about photography a lot of people enjoy.

Kelly (@kellyscky) 🇧🇷

Malden, MA

Kelly is based in the Boston Area, holding an amazing studio space where she creates amazing work. She dedicates time to create amazing backgrounds and dresses for her clients and her images are outstanding because of not only that but her captivating personality. She engages with her audience, creating a very positive environment and will easily make you smile. She is one that deserves a follow!

Verona (@veronadominguezphotography) 🇳🇮

San Juan, PR

Verona is an extremely talented photographer based in Puerto Rico. Her main focus has been on photography for businesses. Her work is very creative and unique, which helps people with small businesses have a big voice. This paired with her captivating personality makes her a great entrepreneur, which helps her with her second biggest business, maternity photography. Give her a follow!

Mélyn ( 🇦🇼


Mélyn is a devoted and extremely talented photographer based in Aruba. She dedicates her photography profession on couples, family, and maternity portraits. She has an extraordinary gift of capturing the right moment and expressing the emotions that the people are communicating in her images. That, combined with a beautiful tropical paradise setting in Aruba results in unbelievable images that couples aspire. Not only does she share her process of taking this photos at beautiful beaches but she also provides very entertaining and comical content around her busy work life as a photographer and about her amazing ability to pick decorative objects for her studio settings. Give Mélyn a follow! 

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