Photography Trends in 2022

Photographers in the digital age, specifically with social media driving almost all small businesses, may feel the need to keep up with the current trends. If you are a photographer or creator that may want to be a trendsetter or catch a wave, this list might help you go in the right direction. By any means do we intend to show that these will generate certain success but they have been in the trends as global events happen. Hopefully, this list can also inspire you to try new things or maybe something different. This does not mean, however, that these trends are specifically for 2022, they might have been brewing for a while. They could still be relevant today.

Credit: Marina Lattanzi (ig: marinalattanzi,


With isolation as an effect of the pandemic, more people are turning to create art. Self-portraitures continue to have a rise in popularity. With the pandemic and the isolation put into place not too long ago, people looked for many ways to be creative. Self-portraits are an extremely effective way to do so. A lot of photographers are taking the word selfie to a whole other level and making self-portraits a serious art form. Take for instance the extraordinary Marina, @marinalattanzi, who takes stunning images that speak in many levels. With so many uses of natural and sometimes artificial light in your own home people have tons of room for creativity.

Credit: Joshua Cervantes (@wegotaccent)

Drones and Aerial Photography

Aerial views are still a growing trend. With the availability of drones, people are finding it easier to get access to amazing footage from a location not accessible to us, the sky. From the top, we all get a different and unique perspective.

As drones are getting more available and affordable, they are becoming more popular and more of them are taking flight. It is important that new users coming into this hobby are aware of flight regulations as they are becoming more stringent. Countries around the world also have different rules about drones, so it’s best to do some research before your travels.

Joshua Cervantes (@wegotaccent) is one that has taken his eyes to the sky out in Mexico, producing awe-striking images that are a totally different perspective from what we regularly see on the horizon. In this picture, he captures what seems to be a city built around what looks like a crater impact and you could bet it looks very different from the ground.

Credit: Gabbi Escobar (@filmanddigitalphoto,

Film Photography

Film cameras are a nostalgic and traditional art form that photographers are retaking and continues to grow. It could be because of the grain look and the particular colors that can be obtained from film or it could be the romantic feeling of developing film. There is a sense of accomplishment and excitement a lot of photographers get whenever they use their limited film and then process their negatives to find an amazing capture, like finding gold. This is the romantic sensation involved in this hobby, as well as the particular grain and color that is not easy, although possible, to reproduce digitally.

Gabriela “Gabbi” Escobar (@filmanddigitalphoto) is a perfect example of someone who not only embraces film photography but has created a unique art form of it. A Latina artist from Bolivia, currently living in British Columbia, she has dedicated her craft to not only the art of photography but also the art of film and the process behind it all. This includes the art of film processing, enlarging for prints, darkroom techniques, and all behind it. Follow her for more and check out her website for videos on her craft at

Vertical Photography and Video Content

With the rise of content creation in reels and other forms of social media platforms for cellphone apps, the creation of vertical content is growing in popularity. Not only are people taking more pictures in vertical format, this way increasing the coverage area of the viewer’s screen, but also videos are been taken in vertical, or portrait, orientation. One trick is also to take videos using your DSLR in the portrait orientation. Using some tricks in your favorite video editor, you can export your video file in vertical format with much higher quality and upload it to your favorite social media platform. Reels are getting much more attention than photos these days with the newer Instagram algorithms.

Immersive VR Content

One possible trend could be a combination of 360 photography in combination with VR. This brings the possibility of escaping into a natural world without leaving you as an escape from being stuck in your house due to a pandemic. With talks of the metaverse rising, this could also signal photographers to look for ways to bring their viewers a deeper sense of escape.

Astrophotographers could soon jump into this trend bringing visuals of the stars, the challenge would be to make it somewhat three-dimensional.

Digital Nomad Photography and Lifestyle

With remote working in effect due to the pandemic, there could be more people interested in a nomadic lifestyle. This type of photography project could keep growing to be more appealing to the audience.


People want to be involved in meaningful movements. The green movement is a bigger one. More people taking action is being captured by the world. People wanting to make a change want more action-focused photography content. With war happening and a lot of politically fueled disagreement people want to see others stand for their ideals.

Simplicity and Minimalism

In a time of so much complexity, people are looking for peaceful and more simplistic forms of art. Minimalism removes all distractions. The aesthetic brings peace to the mind in such troubling times. Maybe the theme here is that one can connect with people in isolation. Being isolated for some time because of the pandemic may bring people to appreciate the importance of the little things. 

Credit: Magdiel De La Rosa (@magsafox_photography)

Outdoors and Nature Photography

With the pandemic of the last couple of years, people found it hard to do things that they enjoy. Also being stuck at home, people’s sense of adventure started growing more. The only activities that people were able to look forward to were the exploration of the outdoors and hiking activities. With this, there is growing popularity with exploring the outdoors.


Video continues to grow, especially now that apps like Instagram are pushing Reels and short-formed videos in their platforms. This is something photographers have had to learn to adapt to. That is to edit videos and create captivating and entertaining content to keep their feed and business in people’s eyes.

With growing video content, photographers are now looking into video creation software, from apps to professional products, like Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, and Adobe Premiere. If you want a more dedicated post on this with a list of good apps and software people are using to create Reels and videos, let us know!

Now get out there and create!

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