Welcome to the Latinos Who Photograph Community!

Born from a vision of creating a community that inspires others alike, Latinos Who Photograph (LWP) provides a platform for Latino photographers to meet and share their passions for photography. The community has grown substantially within the months of its inception and the team is excited to continue to bring value in many different ways. One thing that will be a big part of this journey is a blog. A blog that is interactive, insightful, inspiring, and serves as a medium to share the talent in our community. This can bring immense value to the reader as he/she can grow as a photographer, creative, and professional.

Hello and welcome to our blog!

Latinos Who Photograph (LWP) is a community of photographers founded by Pedro Vázquez. Pedro is a latino photographer with more than 20 years of experience, who realized that there was a lack of representation of latino photographers on the web. LWP was founded to give a voice to the latino community world wide and provide a medium for connecting professional and hobbyist photographers alike.

As the first spanglish community of photographers, LWP started meeting on an audio-only voice application called Clubhouse. In Clubhouse, latinos have connected with others from around the world to share tips, learn, grow, inspire and support each other.

A group of collaborative partners in the LWP community, all of whom are inspiring photographers and creators living in the USA and other parts of the world, help moderate weekly rooms presenting a range of topics. Some of these topics include discussions about photography tips and the featuring of reputable photographers in the form of interviews and Q&A panels.

LPW has added value to the community of the latino photographers helping the audience analyze and improve their photography endeavors. Now a more interactive form exists to provide opportunities to connect using other social media platforms to encourage and challenge each other.

If you are a photographer and want to connect, follow us at Latinos WHO Photograph:


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